Event Finished: Winners Announced!
Place User Payout Platform Link
1 joelsegovia 90 DGTX Medium Submission
2 proofreade 90 DGTX Medium Submission
3 focusnow 90 DGTX Medium Submission
4 jadams2k18 90 DGTX Reddit Submission
5 ced000 80 DGTX Medium Submission
6 acheever 80 DGTX Medium Submission
7 awesome-p 80 DGTX Medium Submission
8 ozurumba 80 DGTX Medium Submission
9 lenonmc21 70 DGTX Medium Submission
10 crytobebes 60 DGTX Medium Submission
11 cross 50 DGTX Medium Submission
12 Apyman 50 DGTX Medium Submission
13 leonardom 50 DGTX Medium Submission
14 focygray 50 DGTX Medium Submission
15 hasbydiaz 40 DGTX Medium Submission
16 dhairyaganatra 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
17 cang 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
18 seifanlj 60 DGTX Medium Submission
19 Phinix 40 DGTX Reddit Submission
20 Oivas 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
21 olasamuel 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
22 cryptobdschool 40 DGTX Medium Submission
23 whitestallion 40 DGTX Medium Submission
24 rosaimm 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
25 prextix 40 DGTX Medium Submission
26 ladaural 40 DGTX Reddit Submission
27 danielwrites 40 DGTX Medium Submission
28 rexdickson 40 DGTX Reddit Submission
29 michades97 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
30 gamaliel 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
31 ogt 40 DGTX Medium Submission
32 merryslamb 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
33 jaraumoses 40 DGTX Twitter Submission
34 j3cesar 40 DGTX Medium Submission
35 clockworkpriya 40 DGTX Medium Submission
36 joseda32 40 DGTX Medium Submission
37 antoniomontilva 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
38 prinsj 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
39 autofreak 40 DGTX Medium Submission
40 bharathi22 40 DGTX Medium Submission
41 tonyryce95 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
42 mfestra 40 DGTX Medium Submission
43 maparari 40 DGTX Reddit Submission
44 Ezekielprince1 60 DGTX Reddit Submission
45 R-K-M 40 DGTX Medium Submission
Prize Pool: 2500 DGTX

Accepted Media:

Digitex - A No Fee Exchange

End Date: Oct. 22, 2018, midnight

Event Type: Bounty

What is Digitex Futures Exchange?

Digitex is the first, commission free Futures Exchange on the blockchain.
Digitex Futures Exchange is free of transaction fees.
The users and holders of DGTX will decide how many new DGTX are issued to cover the operational expenses. The beauty of this system is that it will organically ensure that DGTX is well funded and operational.
It is in the best interest of every DGTX holders to:
  • Ensure that the Digitex Futures Exchange can continue operating.
  • Not create too much new currency to devalue their own holding.
DGTX holders can vote on how many new DGTX are issued, or alternatively delegate their voting power to a trusted authority. DGTX holders are organically incentivized to find the perfect balance between a well-funded exchange as well as relatively low inflationary cost.

Decentralized Account Balances

Are you letting exchanges hold your funds hostage?
Digitex Futures Exchange does not hold your private key. This means that you can retain control over your assets. As history shows, there have been exchanges in the past that steal or lose user funds. With a decentralized account balance that possibility is completely mitigated.
Adam Todd, CEO
We want to decentralize account balances, and allow traders to be able to use our exchange in a lifetime trading environment.
The Future of Futures with Digitex
DGTX will be a self-sustaining and growing economy. Free trades will attract more users, which will in turn increase DGTX liquidity as users purchase DGTX to continue using the Digitex Futures Exchange.
Digitex is in a unique position to take over the entire futures market with a clear advantage over other exchanges - no fees!
It is self-evident that traders are rushing to the platform!

Competitor Exchanges

Unlike Digitex Futures Exchange, current exchanges have fees associated with trading futures contracts. On thin margins, these fees can easily make an otherwise profitable trader break-even or even a losing trader.
The above fees comparison between BitMEX and Digitex Futures Exchange is a great showcase of how a trader will be affected by a fee free exchange alternative.
In the example above, the same trade on the Digitex Futures Exchangemade 400% more return than an equal trade on BitMEX.
The exorbitant fees on BitMEX make it virtually unusable in comparison!

The Digitex Token (DGTX) Economy

DGTX are the very reason that the Digitex Futures Exchange will be able to offer commission free trading. Since all profits and losses are expressed in terms of DGTX, traders must own DGTX to take advantage of the commission free system.
This means that there will be a constant need for users to have DGTX tokens! This in turn ensures that DGTX are always in demand. Since the issuance of tokens are decided by the users they will be minimized to ensure that inflation is as low as possible while continuing to maintain a healthy operations fund.
The costs associated with operating the Digitex Futures Exchange will be forecasted and estimated in a transparent manner that will ensure that the users understand how the budgeting estimates are determined as well as how the operational funds are spent!

Fundamentally Different: Digitex Futures Exchange VS BitMEX

Digitex Futures Exchange has numerous advantages of BitMEX:
  • No fees
No fees means that traders can apply low profit and low risk strategies and still be profitable without the fees eating away at their profits!
  • Decentralized business model (Users decide the cost of operation)
Instead of a business acting for the benefit of its bottom line, a decentralized vote based business model ensures that the Digitex Futures Exchange will always run at cost and to the benefit of its users!
For more information watch this short video!
More Information & Resources:

Write an article about Digitex!

Write an article about Digitex and publish it on Reddit, Medium or Steemit. Multi-platform submissions will get a bonus as well! Don't forget to add an ETH address to receive the DGTX prize as well.
Winners will be announced and prizes distributed when the contest comes to a close.
Things to write about:
There is no hard rule. Write an article about Digitex. It can be about the advantages of Digitex over traditional futures exchanges that charge fees. You can even talk about where you see the future of Digitex as well as how it will perform in the future! As can be seen from coinmarketcap, DGTX has been on a great upward curve.