CateredContent #1
Prize Pool: 525 STEEM

Accepted Media: ~ Write, Share, Earn

End Date: May 22, 2019, 6:55 a.m. - Earn to write!
CateredContent is a platforms that allows users to earn money by writing about cool projects! CateredContent partners with companies to launch writing events & contests where users can participate to earn!
As of now, CateredContent mostly works with blockchain companies, and rewards are distributed in the form of tokens from the contest topic company!
Getting Started
Getting started on CateredContent is easy!
  • Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
  • Pick an event and submit your entry
  • Once the event is done, your prize will arrive in your address! - Ranking System
CateredContent has a ranking system! Users can earn ranks by being active.
Everybody starts as a small fish. There are numerous other ranks, so stay active to level up! 
In the near future we will introduce reward systems based on the ranks that are achieved.
CateredContent is an ambitious project. Our goal is to enable writers from around the world to earn while writing about topics that they love!
One of our intents is to make sure that writers have complete freedom to choose a topic they like, and write about it. In order to ensure that writers are kept busy, we will keep adding new projects to the platform.
Constant Updates
Make sure to keep checking back. We are going to be adding a ton of writing projects!
We are also working hard to roll out new surprise features that we believe you will love. We believe that in the future, CateredContent will become a pathway for new writers to become established!
Submission Instructions
  • Write an article about! Multiple or single entries allowed (as long as they are on different platforms). Multiple entries will receive bonuses based on number of extra submissions.
  • If posting on Reddit, please use a blockchain or cryptocurrency related subreddit. Some subreddits remove articles, so please be sure that the article does not get removed. Alternatively, please post to r/cateredcontent
  • If submitting for both Medium & Reddit, feel free to repost the exact same content. One will be treated as a full article, while the other will win a bonus!
  • For Twitter and Instagram just share a link or a screenshot. Please use relevant blockchain related hashtags.

Currently Submitted
Submission USERNAME Social Media Rank
Submission awesome-p Medium
Submission vegetita Steemit
Submission mrrpiusz Instagram
Submission Apyman Medium
Submission gabo1 Twitter
Submission wakanda Medium
Submission praditya27 Medium
Submission ozurumba Steemit
Submission ozurumba Instagram
Submission rexdickson Twitter
Submission wakanda Instagram
Submission mylane Instagram
Submission saun Steemit
Submission selmez Medium
Submission maparari Twitter
Submission gab2999 Reddit
Submission lavanyalakshman Reddit
Submission autinf Steemit
Submission jhosepdelgado Reddit
Submission belemo Twitter
Submission mylane Twitter
Submission Apyman Reddit
Submission praditya27 YouTube
Submission wireless07 Twitter
Submission godwinzzyzx Reddit
Submission wireless07 Medium
Submission Blessedben Medium
Submission Blessedben Reddit
Submission praditya27 Steemit
Submission deyvich Steemit
Submission nachomolina Medium
Submission jadams2k18 Reddit
Submission mylane Medium
Submission Danogun Twitter
Submission Apyman Twitter
Submission Blessedben Twitter
Submission wakanda Twitter
Submission autinf Twitter
Submission clockworkpriya Twitter
Submission louluche Twitter
Submission erifek Reddit
Submission Apyman Steemit
Submission ozurumba Reddit
Submission Emem_evans1 Medium
Submission ainz-sama Reddit
Submission apsalon Reddit
Submission rosiger1 Steemit
Submission talented-fingers Reddit
Submission eltiochevere Reddit
Submission sinochip Steemit
Submission vanddy Medium
Submission belemo Instagram
Submission erifek Medium
Submission wireless07 Steemit
Submission turga Medium
Submission jadams2k18 Medium
Submission eltiochevere Twitter
Submission wakanda Reddit
Submission selmez Reddit
Submission louluche Steemit
Submission michelduartes Steemit
Submission milaan Medium
Submission louluche Reddit
Submission jadams2k18 Twitter
Submission jadams2k18 Instagram
Submission geminise Medium
Submission ratputin Steemit
Submission godwinzzyzx Medium
Submission jadams2k18 Steemit
Submission michades97 Instagram
Submission awesome-p Steemit
Submission michades97 Medium
Submission rosaimm Steemit
Submission Danogun Instagram
Submission suellen Reddit
Submission maparari Steemit
Submission albertoi Medium
Submission michades97 Twitter
Submission donnest Reddit
Submission Diana Steemit
Submission lavanyalakshman Steemit
Submission Dtwosam Steemit
Submission michades97 Steemit
Submission filosof103 Steemit
Submission talented-fingers Instagram
Submission burcakt Medium
Submission vanddy Twitter
Submission berkuna Reddit
Submission lavanyalakshman YouTube
Submission Acheever Medium
Submission ainz-sama Steemit
Submission ceylang Medium
Submission ak Instagram
Submission sivilme Medium
Submission ronarexx Steemit
Submission proofreade Reddit
Submission suellen Medium
Submission malditochavista Reddit
Submission nachomolina Twitter
Submission wireless07 Instagram
Submission Tega-utos Medium
Submission ronarexx Medium
Submission elviejolesbiano Steemit
Submission ak Medium
Submission talented-fingers Twitter
Submission ratputin Reddit
Submission bharathi22 Twitter
Submission Emem_evans1 Steemit
Submission sure-md Steemit
Submission banufil Medium
Submission cross Twitter
Submission nachomolina Steemit
Submission maclevis Twitter
Submission Diana Twitter
Submission elvergalargaparada Reddit
Submission saun Twitter
Submission turga Reddit
Submission berkuna Medium
Submission bharathi22 Instagram
Submission bharathi22 YouTube
Submission adimus Medium
Submission luciferestrella Steemit
Submission tonyryce95 Reddit
Submission clockworkpriya Instagram
Submission ainz-sama Twitter
Submission proofreade Medium
Submission vanddy Reddit
Submission adimus Reddit
Submission donnest Steemit
Submission moviewatcher Reddit
Submission gabofic Reddit
Submission Tega-utos Twitter
Submission ronarexx Twitter
Submission coinbelly Medium
Submission eltiochevere Steemit
Submission Blessedben Steemit
Submission talented-fingers Steemit
Submission Oivas Reddit
Submission alucian Steemit
Submission donnest Medium
Submission mylane Reddit
Submission miyexi Reddit
Submission vegg Steemit
Submission albertoi Reddit
Submission mrrpiusz Steemit
Submission Emem_evans1 Reddit
Submission bharathi22 Steemit
Submission ak Steemit
Submission tonyryce95 Instagram
Submission valchiz Steemit
Submission akb0802 Medium
Submission pervert Medium
Submission rexdickson Medium
Submission lavanyalakshman Instagram
Submission jadams2k18 YouTube
Submission proofreade Steemit
Submission Acheever Steemit
Submission otemzi Steemit
Submission aylatas Medium
Submission Emem_evans1 Twitter
Submission botefarm Twitter
Submission ak YouTube
Submission moviewatcher Medium
Submission elvergalargaparada Twitter
Submission bharathi22 Medium
Submission gade4rt Instagram
Submission maxiemoses-eu Steemit
Submission mistakili Steemit
Submission Oivas Twitter
Submission cross Reddit
Submission autinf Medium
Submission elvergalargaparada Steemit
Submission dguvnor Steemit
Submission dguvnor Medium
Submission gabofic Steemit
Submission malditochavista Steemit
Submission elviejolesbiano Twitter
Submission turabis Reddit
Submission luciferestrella Twitter
Submission botefarm Steemit
Submission Oivas Steemit
Submission anthonyde Reddit
Submission gabofic Medium
Submission turabis Medium
Submission aylatas Reddit
Submission malditochavista Twitter
Submission vegg Reddit
Submission ak Reddit
Submission donnest Instagram
Submission pervert Reddit
Submission ratputin Twitter
Submission godwinzzyzx Instagram
Submission anthonyde Medium
Submission gabofic Twitter
Submission mistakili Twitter
Submission valchiz Twitter
Submission gade4rt Twitter
Submission lavanyalakshman Twitter
Submission cross Steemit
Submission proofreade Twitter
Submission mrrpiusz Medium
Submission Dtwosam Instagram
Submission vegg Twitter
Submission jhosepdelgado Instagram
Submission maparari Medium
Submission otemzi Instagram
Submission rosaimm Medium
Submission ozurumba YouTube
Submission maclevis Steemit
Submission deyvich Medium
Submission autinf Reddit
Submission bharathi22 Reddit
Submission furkani Reddit
Submission whizzydom Instagram
Submission jhosepdelgado Medium
Submission bbbbtt55 Steemit
Submission milaan Steemit
Submission gabo1 Steemit
Submission pastelitoconcrema Reddit
Submission cross Medium
Submission Jackson Steemit
Submission Danogun Medium
Submission Dtwosam Reddit
Submission gabo1 Reddit
Submission maparari Instagram
Submission otemzi Twitter
Submission kemaloz Reddit
Submission milaan Reddit
Submission kemaloz Medium
Submission pastelitoconcrema Steemit
Submission rexdickson Steemit
Submission akb0802 Steemit
Submission ak Twitter
Submission maparari YouTube
Submission sivilme Reddit
Submission bbbbtt55 Instagram
Submission tonyryce95 Twitter
Submission whizzydom Steemit
Submission vegetita Twitter
Submission pastelitoconcrema Twitter
Submission furkani Medium
Submission mr-pandy Medium
Submission rexdickson Reddit
Submission gab2999 Twitter
Submission maparari Reddit
Submission akb0802 Instagram
Submission milaan Twitter
Submission whizzydom Twitter
Submission tonyryce95 Medium
Submission ozurumba Medium
Submission praditya27 Twitter
Submission Diana Medium
Submission ozurumba Twitter
Submission coinbelly Twitter
Submission talented-fingers Medium
Submission apsalon Medium
Submission bbbbtt55 Medium
Submission Danogun Steemit
Submission vegetita Reddit
Submission praditya27 Reddit
Submission gab2999 Steemit
Submission mylane Steemit
Submission donnest Twitter
Submission akb0802 Twitter
Submission otemzi Medium
Submission belemo Steemit
Submission godwinzzyzx Twitter
Submission cross Instagram
Submission Dtwosam Twitter
Submission luciferestrella Reddit
Submission botefarm Instagram
Submission Phinix Steemit
Submission jhosepdelgado Twitter
Submission lavanyalakshman Medium
Submission Tega-utos Steemit
Submission elviejolesbiano Reddit
Submission godwinzzyzx Steemit