Event Finished: Winners Announced!
Place User Payout Platform Link
1 milaan 2500 GTH Steemit Submission
2 CJ 2500 GTH Steemit Submission
3 Oivas 2000 GTH Steemit Submission
4 ozurumba 2000 GTH Steemit Submission
5 jadams2k18 2000 GTH Steemit Submission
6 focusnow 2000 GTH Steemit Submission
7 autinf 2000 GTH Steemit Submission
8 truelovemom 1750 GTH Steemit Submission
9 merryslamb 1500 GTH Steemit Submission
10 mrrpiusz 1200 GTH Steemit Submission
11 deyvich 1200 GTH Steemit Submission
12 yorman1 1200 GTH Steemit Submission
13 joseangelvs 1200 GTH Steemit Submission
14 rosiger1 1000 GTH Steemit Submission
15 ulqu3 1000 GTH Steemit Submission
16 alz190 1000 GTH Steemit Submission
17 tonyryce95 900 GTH Steemit Submission
18 chekohler 900 GTH Steemit Submission
19 maparari 900 GTH Medium Submission
20 ogt 850 GTH Steemit Submission
21 leonardom 850 GTH Steemit Submission
22 belemo 750 GTH Steemit Submission
23 linnbenton 750 GTH Medium Submission
24 ajibade 700 GTH Steemit Submission
25 nachomolina 655 GTH Steemit Submission
26 xyzashu 620 GTH Steemit Submission
27 willspatrick 620 GTH Steemit Submission
28 whizzydom 620 GTH Steemit Submission
29 nanidi 620 GTH Steemit Submission
30 coinbelly 620 GTH Steemit Submission
31 brandonk 620 GTH Steemit Submission
32 sarez 590 GTH Steemit Submission
33 saun 570 GTH Steemit Submission
34 oxygen02 570 GTH Steemit Submission
35 Diana 570 GTH Steemit Submission
36 praditya27 525 GTH Steemit Submission
37 rosaimm 485 GTH Steemit Submission
38 precious_her 485 GTH Steemit Submission
39 daniel3050 485 GTH Steemit Submission
40 miyexi 470 GTH Steemit Submission
41 zoide 465 GTH Steemit Submission
42 wireless07 465 GTH Steemit Submission
43 leonelys 465 GTH Steemit Submission
44 lavanyalakshman 465 GTH Steemit Submission
45 LabMember023 465 GTH Steemit Submission
46 gabofic 465 GTH Steemit Submission
47 francko29n 465 GTH Steemit Submission
48 dannodaniel 465 GTH Steemit Submission
49 sahiba-rana 450 GTH Steemit Submission
50 vanddy 370 GTH Steemit Submission
51 thaishps 370 GTH Steemit Submission
52 salaujohnson 370 GTH Steemit Submission
53 mzee 370 GTH Steemit Submission
54 MaddoSaientisto 370 GTH Steemit Submission
55 lebey1 370 GTH Steemit Submission
56 kyoumaorder 370 GTH Steemit Submission
57 Jackson 370 GTH Steemit Submission
58 yenilmez86 320 GTH Steemit Submission
59 thetimetravelerz 300 GTH Steemit Submission
60 mohammadfaisal 300 GTH Steemit Submission
61 drishtipoonam 300 GTH Steemit Submission
62 danile666 300 GTH Steemit Submission
63 sure-md 225 GTH Steemit Submission
64 Rashford 200 GTH Steemit Submission
65 kwadjobonsu 200 GTH Steemit Submission
66 Haybeeh 200 GTH Steemit Submission
67 Temilagszy 175 GTH Steemit Submission
68 surgeontee 175 GTH Steemit Submission
69 zoide 100 GTH Twitter Submission
70 zaychez 100 GTH Twitter Submission
71 yorman1 100 GTH Twitter Submission
72 xyzashu 100 GTH Twitter Submission
73 wireless07 100 GTH Twitter Submission
74 willspatrick 100 GTH Twitter Submission
75 whizzydom 100 GTH Twitter Submission
76 vanddy 100 GTH Twitter Submission
77 ulqu3 100 GTH Twitter Submission
78 truelovemom 100 GTH Twitter Submission
79 tonyryce95 100 GTH Twitter Submission
80 thetimetravelerz 100 GTH Twitter Submission
81 thaishps 100 GTH Twitter Submission
82 Temilagszy 100 GTH Twitter Submission
83 surgeontee 100 GTH Twitter Submission
84 saun 100 GTH Twitter Submission
85 salaujohnson 100 GTH Twitter Submission
86 sahiba-rana 100 GTH Twitter Submission
87 rosaimm 100 GTH Twitter Submission
88 Rashford 100 GTH Twitter Submission
89 precious_her 100 GTH Twitter Submission
90 praditya27 100 GTH Twitter Submission
91 ozurumba 100 GTH Twitter Submission
92 oxygen02 100 GTH Twitter Submission
93 Oivas 100 GTH Twitter Submission
94 ogt 100 GTH Twitter Submission
95 nachomolina 100 GTH Twitter Submission
96 mrrpiusz 100 GTH Twitter Submission
97 mohammadfaisal 100 GTH Twitter Submission
98 milaan 100 GTH Twitter Submission
99 merryslamb 100 GTH Twitter Submission
100 maparari 100 GTH Twitter Submission
101 MaddoSaientisto 100 GTH Twitter Submission
102 lokiloki 100 GTH Twitter Submission
103 linnbenton 100 GTH Twitter Submission
104 leonardom 100 GTH Twitter Submission
105 lebey1 100 GTH Twitter Submission
106 lavanyalakshman 100 GTH Twitter Submission
107 LabMember023 100 GTH Twitter Submission
108 kyoumaorder 100 GTH Twitter Submission
109 kwadjobonsu 100 GTH Twitter Submission
110 king-oghie 100 GTH Twitter Submission
111 joseangelvs 100 GTH Twitter Submission
112 jadams2k18 100 GTH Twitter Submission
113 Jackson 100 GTH Twitter Submission
114 Haybeeh 100 GTH Twitter Submission
115 gabofic 100 GTH Twitter Submission
116 francko29n 100 GTH Twitter Submission
117 focusnow 100 GTH Twitter Submission
118 Diana 100 GTH Twitter Submission
119 deyvich 100 GTH Twitter Submission
120 dannodaniel 100 GTH Twitter Submission
121 danile666 100 GTH Twitter Submission
122 daniel3050 100 GTH Twitter Submission
123 Crypto.Corner 100 GTH Twitter Submission
124 coinbelly 100 GTH Twitter Submission
125 chekohler 100 GTH Twitter Submission
126 belemo 100 GTH Twitter Submission
127 autinf 100 GTH Twitter Submission
128 alz190 100 GTH Twitter Submission
129 ajibade 100 GTH Twitter Submission
130 yorman1 100 GTH Medium Submission
131 xyzashu 100 GTH Medium Submission
132 wireless07 100 GTH Medium Submission
133 vanddy 100 GTH Medium Submission
134 truelovemom 100 GTH Medium Submission
135 thaishps 100 GTH Medium Submission
136 sure-md 100 GTH Medium Submission
137 rosiger1 100 GTH Medium Submission
138 rosaimm 100 GTH Medium Submission
139 praditya27 100 GTH Medium Submission
140 ozurumba 100 GTH Medium Submission
141 ogt 100 GTH Medium Submission
142 nachomolina 100 GTH Medium Submission
143 mohammadfaisal 100 GTH Medium Submission
144 lebey1 100 GTH Medium Submission
145 lavanyalakshman 100 GTH Medium Submission
146 kyoumaorder 100 GTH Medium Submission
147 gabofic 100 GTH Medium Submission
148 francko29n 100 GTH Medium Submission
149 chekohler 100 GTH Medium Submission
150 belemo 100 GTH Medium Submission
151 autinf 100 GTH Medium Submission
152 deyvich 100 GTH Medium Submission
Prize Pool: 60,000 GTH

Accepted Media:

The Best In-Browser Mining & Monetization

End Date: July 3, 2019, midnight

Event Type: Writing Contest

Submission Rules & Suggestions

  • Write an article about Gath3r! How does Gath3r change the way writers, publishers, bloggers and website owners can earn? How does Merged Mining make Gath3r unique from other web mining solutions? How can Gath3r be used by small and large websites? How will Gath3r improve the end-user experience by reducing the need for ads? Do you currently run a website or a blog that could benefit from extra monetization? How does Gath3r play into the evolution of online monetization overall? Feel free to come up with some creative use-cases! As always, the topic is fairly open-ended, so be creative!
  • Submit main article on Medium OR Steemit.
  • As a bonus, share your article on Twitter!
  • No copy-pasting without quotes.
  • At least 70% of the article must be original.
  • Article must be at least 250 words.
  • No multi-account entries.


What is Gath3r?

Gath3r is a project that is focused on helping publishers, bloggers, content creators and websites monetize through in-browser mining. Gath3r also enables other blockchain projects to use Gath3r’s hashrate.
It is a solution that improves the end-user experience and the website owner’s ability to earn while enhancing security for smaller blockchain projects.

In-browser Mining

An in-browser miner works by utilizing the computing resources of the website visitor to mine for cryptocurrencies. With Gath3r, website owners can easily integrate this revenue source with a simple copy-paste of code. This form of revenue may be combined with traditional revenue sources or may even allow the website owner to completely forego using advertisements and paywalls.

Merged Mining

As new blockchain projects come online they require a network that can handle their application requirements and be safe from things such as the 51% attack. This can be difficult without a userbase that has nodes set up and is willing to mine the new asset.
Gath3r has come up with a brilliant solution to this issue with merged mining. Merged mining enables users to mine two assets with similar algorithms simultaneously. This means that newer projects can utilize Gath3r’s hashpower access to secure their own projects.

Masternodes & Lite nodes

The masternodes are resource intensive full nodes that handle heavy data processing. These masternodes keep the network running. In order to make in-browser browsing less resource intensive, lite nodes are used to handle smaller specific processes and then sync up with the masternodes where all the data is stored. This separation allows for easy in-browser integration without suffering performance issues on the user-end.

Current State of Monetization

One of the biggest issues faced by publishers and online content creators is monetization.
As of now, the most popular monetization formats are advertisements, affiliate programs and subscription models.

While effective in their own right, they both come with major flaws.


Advertisements can come in many forms. A pop-up ad, a banner or maybe a sponsorship. While this is a fairly effective way to earn income it also has a few downfalls. Many advertisements are intrusive to the reader and yield low returns to the publisher. For sponsored events, the publisher must actively seek new partnerships and take away valuable time from generating high quality content. Also, when working with third-parties, they take a large cut in between.

Subscription Models and Paywalls

Subscription models are any form of revenue where the user is asked to pay, usually on a monthly basis, to view certain content. This model can be seen on websites like Medium. While this can bring in a regular income there is a large barrier to entry. Firstly, there are many readers who simply cannot afford to subscribe to the service. These readers are simply unable to cross the paywall. Second, in an era of widespread free information, many users will have a difficult time forking over cash to read your content.

Gath3r Loyalty Program & Web-Based Staking wallet

Gath3r’s in-browser mining can work to the benefit of both publisher and consumer. With the Gath3r loyalty program users can earn through a loyalty program as set by the publisher. As an example, the webmaster of a blog can configure the settings of their in-browser mining such that the users receive 5% of what they mine.
This incentive program is a great way to maintain a loyal userbase. Another great aspect of the loyalty program is that it can introduce new users to cryptocurrencies.

The Future of Monetization

Gath3r is ushering in a new era of monetization. Completely different from its predecessors, Gath3r will enable websites to earn while maintaining a great experience for their users. Some websites may fully switch to in-browser mining while others may maintain a combination of in-browser mining with paywalls or advertisements.

Regardless of the use-case, adding a monetization method has an enormous impact on how websites can operate as businesses.

Potential Use-Case


Case #1: Personal Blog

Cassandra has a personal blog. She posts about politics twice a week and has amassed an impressive reader base. Her posts are always extremely honest and sometimes have a heavy backlash. Cassandra decided that it is time to monetize her hard work. She approached numerous sponsors but was turned down due to the political nature of her content, since most companies did not want to be associated with any specific political view.
After almost giving up she was introduced to Gath3r. By simply copy-pasting a script she was able to be up and running. This gives Cassandra the opportunity to maintain her honest political views without worrying about offending sponsors!

Case #2: Online Game Webapp

A small game company has developed and launched an MMORPG game online. As soon as they passed a 1000 users they had to upgrade their servers. While they had some ads running in the background it did not pay enough to cover their costs and salaries. They didn’t want to add any more advertisements and did not want to add a paywall in fear of losing their players.
One of the engineers on the team stumbled upon Gath3r! They decided to add in-browser mining as a way of monetizing their userbase. Now they are able to keep their users happy with a clean interface and a non-intrusive experience while being profitable!


Case #2: Charities

The world is plagued by a multitude of issues. Many of us would love to play a role in helping, but unfortunately not everyone can. Whether it is volunteering your time or donating money, it is great to help charitable causes that make the world a better place. In-browser mining is already being used by a number of charity foundations.
A great example can be found here:
With Gath3r, these types of organizations will be able to gather contributions more efficiently!

Gath3r IEO

Gath3r will be having an IEO! The IEO will be held in the second half of July, and further details will be available shortly.

Want to know the exact dates? Visit the link below and look out for upcoming updates. As soon as the exact dates become available they will be listed there.


Gath3r is extremely active with updates on their social media channels. Make sure you follow them so that you can stay up to date as this exciting project unfolds news releases! Their social media links are listed below in the "Additional Resources" section.



Quick Intro Video



Additional Resources



Prize & Distribution

  • We have a large prize pool in GTH tokens. GTH tokens will be listed after their IEO ends. At that point in time, the tokens will be unlocked and we will distribute them right away. This should happen roughly two weeks after this event closes. Please make sure you have your ETH address in your profile page updated!



Disclaimer: CateredContent.com makes no claims as to the legitimacy or operating procedures of contest topics. CateredContent.com does not offer any sort of investment advice. This is a writing contest. CateredContent.com only guarantees prize payout. The contest topic company may choose to share the contest submissions that receive prizes. If for whatever reason there are over 500 submissions, new submissions will not be considered.