Event Finished: Winners Announced!
Place User Payout Platform Link
1 acheever 150 NTV Medium Submission
2 focusnow 105 NTV Medium Submission
3 Blessedben 115 NTV Medium Submission
4 rexdickson 80 NTV Reddit Submission
5 proofreade 80 NTV Medium Submission
6 Dtwosam 70 NTV Medium Submission
7 jadams2k18 65 NTV Reddit Submission
8 ced000 60 NTV Medium Submission
9 awesome-p 60 NTV Medium Submission
10 ulqu3 50 NTV Reddit Submission
11 prinsj 70 NTV Reddit Submission
12 Apyman 50 NTV Medium Submission
13 lenonmc21 50 NTV Medium Submission
14 tonyryce95 60 NTV Reddit Submission
15 j3cesar 35 NTV Medium Submission
16 valdick 35 NTV Reddit Submission
17 seifanlj 35 NTV Medium Submission
18 ideasestrategicas 35 NTV Medium Submission
19 hevictor 35 NTV Reddit Submission
20 bharathi22 35 NTV Medium Submission
21 whitestallion 35 NTV Medium Submission
22 abumaryam 30 NTV Medium Submission
23 mfestra 30 NTV Medium Submission
24 prextix 30 NTV Medium Submission
25 crystannson 30 NTV Reddit Submission
26 R-K-M 30 NTV Medium Submission
27 cryptobdschool 20 NTV Medium Submission
28 ozurumba 20 NTV Medium Submission
Prize Pool: 1,500 NTV

Accepted Media:

Native - A Community Platform

End Date: Oct. 16, 2018, midnight

Event Type: Bounty

What is Native

Native is a platform that allows people to build communities!
Native is built on Ethereum, and allows communities to each have their own unique tokens. These tokens can be used to create a community economy. Communities can be centered around anything that a group of individuals are interested in! The communities can use the tokens to help fulfill their community goals and purposes.

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How To Use Native

Native has successfully launched its Alpha platform on Mainnet giving users the ability to acquire Native Tokens (NTV) in real-time and join any of the pilot communities on the platform.

Native has launched! Check it out!

To get started:
  • Get a Metamask wallet if you don't already have one.
  • Find a community you like.
  • Use Brave or Cipher browsers for best experience as support is being added for other browsers. 

Current Communities


  • Imaginal Films
  • Earth Guardians
  • SDG Futures
  • Peace Accelerators
  • DOLO
  • The Rick & Morty Crew

Using Native

Discovering Communities
Find and join a community by buying their tokens! The tokens will grant you decision making power proportional to your holdings. You will have a voice to impact the decisions the group makes.
Creating Communities
Have a passion? Start your own community. The creation process is intuitive and simple. You can create your own tokens and users will buy them in order to join your community. It can be a serious cause, or a small fan group!

Native Features

  • Community Tokens - Each community has their tokens that act as the resource of the group.
  • Polls - Members can vote on community decisions!
  • Tasks - Tokens can be used to pay the community for tasks.


Prize Pool & Submitting

Want to participate in the event? Submit an article on Reddit or Medium! Don't forget to add your ETH address in your profile so that you get paid out!

Good luck and have fun!

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