What is CateredContent?

    CateredContent.com runs writing contests for various companies. The writing contests have prizes that users can win by participating!

    CateredContent.com is a website that allows its users to earn crypto in exchange for writing content! We host numerous events (writing contests), in which users can participate by writing an article about the contest topic.

    You can go to the "Active Events" page to check out currently running events or "Past Events" to see events that have already finished with users getting prizes for their work!

    Every event will specify which social media can be used to apply to the given contest. For example, if under an active event you see the Medium and Twitter logo, that means that you can write an article about the contest topic on Medium and submit it to win a prize. Additionally you can also share your Medium article on Twitter to get a bonus as well!

    Every event will have a prize pool clearly stated. Please make sure to update your wallet information in your profile so that we can distribute the prizes!

Getting Started

  1. Register an account.
  2. Go to your "Profile" and update your information. Don't forget to leave an ETH address so you receive your prizes!
  3. Go to "Active Events" and find an event you like. Read about the company and get familiar with the topic.
  4. Go to the "Submissions" page, and submit an article about the company or just click "SUBMIT AN ARTICLE FOR THIS EVENT" at the bottom of the event article!
  5. You are done! Once the event deadline is reached, and the winners are decided, you will get a prize to your address! The winners will be announced!